It is with great pleasure and honor for AQ Skin Solutions to be in Japan. Our products have exhibited great success and popularity through out the world and now we see the same success in the Japanese market. This success came about because AQ products showed great results with those who used them and our customer service have been excellent in meeting the demands of the Japanese customers. I as the president of AQ Skin Solutions promise to continue to provide excellent products and customer service to the Japanese market. Thank you,

Dr. Ahmed Al-Qahtani
AQ Skin Solutions Inc.
President & CEO

The Growth Factors (GF) are very important ingredient in the world of medical science. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Qahtani has been working mainly for the treatment of skin burns in California University, Irvine for long years. The quickest possible skin transplanting onto the patient's burnt area is indispensable. Dr. Al-Qahtain developed many types of cultural media to repair burnt skins, using various kinds of GFs. At the same time, Dr. Al-Qahtani firmly believed that those developed media will have good effect also for repairing damaged human skins, for example, for face, hair, etc. Based on the idea, Dr. Al-Qahtani had established AQ Skin Solutions, USA, who manufactures cosmetic products, such as Active Serum, Eye Serum, etc. a few years before. AQ Skin Solutions' products were born, therefore, from the top end scientific studies in medical university in USA. I'm confident that those products, manufactured by AQ Skin Solutions, have the forefront science technology in the new age. Our company's most important responsibility will be that we'll introduce AQ Skin Solutions'unique, and top-end products, smoothly to our Japan users.

Shuichiro Hayashi
AQ Skin Solutions Japan Co.,Ltd.

The company was established for the purpose to supply the most reliable and upfront medical products for those patients who are daily struggling against critical diseases, as quickly as possible. For materializing the purpose, the company will make every effort to import and supply even, “only one medical product in the world”, for the sake of those patients with critical diseases, because of the necessity and the urgency. There is no replacement of human life, no more value than that of everyone's life. We hope you'll be comfortable to work with our skilled staff as well as job network, accumulated through our long years'job experience.

Ichiro Komazaki
AQ Skin Solutions Japan Co.,Ltd.
chairman (of the board)

    Company Profile
Company Name AQ Skin Solutions Japan Co., Ltd.
Management Mr. Shuichiro Hayashi, President
Mr. Ichiro Komazaki, chairman (of the board)
Dr. Ahmed Al-Qahtani, President of AQ Skin Solutions Inc., USA and the Owner
Address Senjyuhashidocho 1-21, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, 120-0038 Japan
AQ Skin Solutions Inc USA, Mission Viejo, CA , USA
TEL 03-6869-7002
FAX 03-6868-7034
Established November 13 2012
Business Import and Export of Pharmaceutical, Medical Instrument, Cosmetic products
Distribution/Sales of Pharmaceutical, Medical Instrument, Cosmetic products
Deputizing business of Pharmaceutical, Medical Instrument, Cosmetic products
Sister Company AQ Skin Solutions Inc. (USA)
Profile of Management Staff Dr. Ahmed Al-Qahtani (Owner) : 
Dr. Ahmed Al-Qahtani was inspired to start AQ Skin Solutions by his extensive work in medical
applications of Growth Factors (GF) for healing wounded tissue and creating artificial skin grafts.
He applied his knowledge and experience in growth factor biotechnology to develop a process
for producing the highest quality GF media available, which contains only those growth factors
that have been identified as the most effective for improving the appearance of skin and the
full look of hair, in the exact quantities and combinations needed for fast, unprecedented
results. Dr. Al-Qahtani’s GF technology is covered by numerous U.S. patents pending as of 2010.

Dr. Al-Qahtani is renowned for employing the latest research and technology to pioneer medical
breakthroughs for regenerating diseased organ tissue. Combining research with his advanced
clinical knowledge, he has introduced some of the most innovative skin care products in the world.

Dr. Al-Qahtani is a National Institutes of Health (NIH) scientist for numerous NIH grants for research and
development. He is accredited with numerous scientific publications and is also a member of the American
Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (ASCPT). A longstanding member of the American
Association of Immunologists, Dr. Al-Qahtani has spoken and presented research before a gamut of congresses around the world.

Shuichiro Hayashi (President): 
Mr.S.Hayashi had been working for one of the Japanese leading advertising agency.
One of his recent work was the publishing, called "Beautiful Skin Care" issued by Takarajima.
In the same company, he established the WEB business department, as the head.
After that, he jointed AQ Skin Solutions Japan Co., Ltd., in early 2012, and was
appointed as the president of the company, as from November 2013.

Ichiro Komazaki (chairman (of the board)): 
He has been working for Siber Kikai, Pharmacia-LKB,
Japan Technicon, Raidometer and MC Medical, as the Sales Manager, the Vice President,
Managing Director,respectively.
From 2008, Lecturer of Faculty of Health and Medical Care, Saitama Medical University.
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